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March 8, 2017

Magical Mist
By Donna L. Zeller


‘Stars of the night, twinkling with such great promise, please watch over my little one this night and forever’, chanted Rosalinda as she rocked her son to sleep. She gazed at his face as he slept for a long time. Rosalinda loved the way that the light from the stars and moon played off of his dark hair as it gently streamed through the window.




Rosalinda looked outside toward the garden in the backyard. She was admiring the beauty of the roses that summer night when something shimmering, as if it were gold speckles, caught her attention. For a very brief second, she was sure, that she had seen something in the trails of moonlight.


‘I wonder what that was? Perhaps, it is the famed, magical stardust that one hears about,’ she thought contentedly as she drifted into a dreamless sleep.



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