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  •    Global Employee Relations: Organizational Structure and Design 

  •    Global Employee Relations:  Business Strategies and Objectives

  •    Strategic Human Resource Management in the Hybrid (Virtual Offsite /  Traditional 'Brick and Mortar') Organization

  •    Stand-Alone Literature Review: The Hybrid (Virtual Offsite / Traditional Brick and Mortar) Transnational Organizations             

  •    Organizational Management in the Hybrid (Virtual / Traditional) Transnational Organization

  •    Organizational Design: The Hybrid (Combined Virtual / Traditional Office) Organization

  •    The Hybrid (Virtual / Traditional Office) Work Environment: Implications for Social Networks in Organizations 

  •    Annotated Bibliography Gender Bias in Organizational Learning Theories and Practice

  •    The Hybrid Traditional / Virtual Workforce: Spatial Dimensions and Tacit Knowledge Sharing

  •    Social Issues in the Corporate Sector: Drug Abuse in the Workplace  

  •    The Hybrid Work Environment: The Business Process Argument for Adapting Organizational Structure

  •    The Retail Industry: Expanding in the Global Market

  •    The Influence of Economic Geography on Transnational Organizations

  •    United States: Disabilities and Workforce Diversity

  •    United States: Independent Contractor vs. Entrepreneurial Status

  •    Noncustodial fathers: The Impact of Income Level on Child Support Payments

  •    Cosmopolitan Leadership

  •    Evaluating a Virtual Work Teams Program

  •    Small Businesses and Unionization

  •    Defining Job Content in a Small Business

  •    Global Employee Relations: Home and Host Country Effects

  •    Human Resource Management (HRM) Research Methods in Multinational Corporations

  •    Domestic Workers in the U.S.: Is There a Need for Reform?

  •    Moving Organizational Knowledge Into the Future

  •    Global Crisis Management: The Transnational Model of Multinational Organizations

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